James Lockie 1793-1865

James Lockie was my 4th great grandfather on my father’s side.   He was born on 27 August 1793 in Pettinain, Lanarkshire.  His parents were James Lockie and Helen Inglis. He was baptised on 26 Sptember 1793.

James had at least two siblings

Euphemia (1795-1880)

Helen (1801-1879)

On 4 August 1820 he married Margaret Wallace in Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.  The couple had seven children:

  • James (Born 1823)
  • Helen (Born 1827)
  • Robert Wallace (Born 1829)
  • Mary Allen (Born 1894)
  • Jane (Born 1833)
  • George Meek (Born 1837)
  • Thomas (Born 1847)

By 1841 the family were living in the Parish of Cambusnethan and James made his living as a journeyman joiner. Moving forward to the 1861 census his occuation is given as Country Wright.  The definition of Wright is given as skilled craftsman and apparently this would involve making any kind of wooden tools or equipment used on farms.  I have to say it’s nice to find someone in the tree with a real skill and trade.

James died on 26 November 1865.  The cause of death was listed as capillary bronchitis and his death certificate was signed by his son, Thomas.

James Lockie Death

I do find it interesting that decisions made by our ancestors shape the future and the lives that we live now.  James decided to move to Cambusnethan bringing my father’s side of the tree to where my mother’s side would eventually settle after leaving Ireland.  I had no idea until I started my research just how many of my ancestors are buried in Cambusnethan Cemetery.  I literally bumped into my great, great grandparents gravestone while looking for one from another branch of the family.  This is the joy of Scottish genealogy.  There’s never too far to travel.



Robert Wallace Lockie 1829 – 1912

Robert Wallace Lockie is the older brother of my 3rd great grandmother Mary Allen Lockie.  He was born in Scotland  in 1829 in New Trows, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.  His parents were James Lockie (1793-1865) a carpenter and Margaret Wallace (1803-1870). The couple had seven children of whom Robert was the third.

by 1841 the family had moved to Wishawtown as it was then known in the Parish of Cambusnethan.  One can assume that the town provided better employment opportunities than the rural area from where they had come.

In the 1851 census Robert was living with his wife Fanny Young and their one month old daughter, Jane, who was born on 8th February. I haven’t found their marriage record but as Jane was only 18 at the time I don’t imagine they were married for long.  Robert’s occupation on the census was Coal Carter.

The next record of Robert is his marriage to Elizabeth Martin (Born 1836) in 1856.  I don’t know what has happened to Fanny in the meantime as I can’t find a record of her death.  Jane doesn’t feature in any further census records with her father either but I will need to carry out further research to find out what happened to her.

Between 1856 and 1862 Robert and Elizabeth had three children – James (1856), Robert (1859), and Margaret (1862).  In the 1861 census Robert is recorded as a ploughman and the couple were living in McNaughton’s Land, Newmains with five year old James.  Again I will have to do some work to find out what happened to wee Robert.

Elizabeth died in December 1866 at their home in Plainfield Cottages, Coltness.  The cause of death was recorded as puerperal convulsions.   In February 1867 10 year old James died of typhus fever.  He also died at home and the death register was signed by his father.  On both death certificates Robert is recorded as a Locomotive Engine Driver.

In April 1868 Robert married Jane Prentice (Born 1838).  The couple had five children – twins Bethea and Jessie (1868), Robina (1971), Georgina (1873) and John (1875). Confusingly in the 1871 census Robert and Jane are shown as living in Plainfield Cottages along with Margaret and the twins and an 8 year old son, James. This makes no sense as James had died and the age wouldn’t even relate to young Robert. It has been suggested that this James could be Jane’s son from a previous marriage and I will check this out.

By 1876 the family were living at Royal George, Newmains and Robert is still working as an engine driver.   In April of that year Jane died at the age of 36 of an obstruction of the bowels.  It is hard to imagine how Robert could have coped with yet another tragedy.  Even for the times to have lost three wives and and at least two children must have pushed the poor man to the limit.

Robert married for a fourth time in 1877.  His new wife Margaret Templeton was born about 1838.  Their son, James was born in 1879 and the 1881 census shows the couple living with the twins, Bethea and Jessie, Robina, John and little James.  Georgina is not listed.

By 1891 only little James is living at home. Now in his 60s although listed as 54, Robert is still working as an Engine Driver.  Also recorded on the census is 13 year old Mary Calderhead who is employed as their servant.

In the 1901 census Robert is still working.  James is no longer living at home and they now have a 14 year old Mary Allan working as their domestic servant.

Robert Wallace Lockie died on 21 September 1912.  The cause of death was cardiac dilatation.  He died at home in Royal George, Newmains.  The death register was signed by his son, James. He was survived by his fourth wife, Margaret who died in 1915.