Hugh Brawley 1902-1947

Hugh Brawley was born on 8 April 1902 in the town of Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, USA. His father was James Brawley, younger brother of my great grandfather, Daniel Brawley. James left Newmains in 1888. Hugh was the seventh of eight children. His mother, Sarah McGlynn was born in Pennsylvania. In 1919, without telling … Continue reading Hugh Brawley 1902-1947

James Brawley 1866-1955

Of my great, great grandparents, James Brawley and Sarah McLaughlin's ten children, James lived the longest. What must that be like to see eight siblings go before you? Only one much younger sibling survived him. Sadly, he also outlived his wife and two of his own children. In his 88 years he must have seen … Continue reading James Brawley 1866-1955