A New Life In Canada- John Brawley 1897-1964

My maternal grandfather, Hugh Brawley was one of twelve siblings born between 1887 and 1908 to Daniel Brawley and Ellen Keenan. Of the ten children who reached adulthood five of them left Scotland for new opportunities in Canada. My great uncle John Brawley was born on 21 June 1897 at the family home at 8 … Continue reading A New Life In Canada- John Brawley 1897-1964

Some Scottish Hospitality

In 1926 my maternal grandfather's sister Sarah left Scotland for a new life in Canada. She set sail from Greenock in July 1926 on the White Star Line ship "Doric". She had married Matthew Sanford in Newmains in 1916. The couple had four children. Times were hard in Scotland after the Great War and there … Continue reading Some Scottish Hospitality