Robert Wilson Armstrong 1857-1910 Part 1

I often think about what it would be like to go back in time and find out my ancestors’ stories direct from them. There would be so many questions. And how good would it be to observe their daily lives? Robert Wilson Armstrong was my great great grandfather but I reckon if I could go … Continue reading Robert Wilson Armstrong 1857-1910 Part 1

A Mother – Sarah Rae 1870-1951

Sarah Rae was the 8th child of my great great grandparents, Thomas Rae and Ann Symington. She was born on 18 September 1870 in Sorn, Ayrshire. My great grandfather Robert Armstrong Rae was her nephew but they were raised as brother and sister.  Robert was born in 1879 and was left in the care of … Continue reading A Mother – Sarah Rae 1870-1951

“Unusual Occurrence” – Robert Rae 1919-1977

On the evening of Thursday 13 November 1930 Robert Rae, my 11 year old first cousin (3 times removed), was playing with some friends in a local contractor's yard. What happened next was quite horrific as this newspaper report shows. Reading the report, the story doesn't quite ring true. An eleven year old boy worried … Continue reading “Unusual Occurrence” – Robert Rae 1919-1977

A New Life in Australia- Grace Halliday Rae 1861-1945

My great great grandmother Grace Halliday Rae was born in Scotland but died thousands of miles away in Australia. She had left behind her parents, siblings and even her first born child. During her life she faced many hardships, rejection and abuse. It wasn't until later in life that she found some peace and happiness. … Continue reading A New Life in Australia- Grace Halliday Rae 1861-1945